Popcorn Angel

Hiya! I'm uwe... your neighborhood linux dweeb! I'm a gay nonbinary male. I am diagnosed Autistic, I draw and love techy things as well as yummy foods and coffee!! I also daydream about my favorite things...

Special Interests

/ Art program: Krita / OS: Debian XFCE Linux /

my current special interests are
!!!!PSYCHONAUTS (1 - 2)!!!! (BIGGEST SPECIAL INTEREST)Bob Zanotto and Helmut Fullbear from Psychonauts 2 (also big interest)my OC KeupieCatsEdutainment Games (90's-00's)KIDPIXLinuxTamagotchi/virtual pets (i.e. gigapets, dinky dino, aquapets, etc)
Other Interests (assorted)
+ Kirby + Minecraft + Animal Crossing + Pokemon + Ace Attorney + Sam & Max + Budgeting
+ Sustainable practices + Computer Modding +
+ Cooking + splatoon + trains + Sonic the Hedgehog + Deltarune

I have a problem with wording things and using the right sounding connotation because i am autistic. I don't usually mean it to come off poorly, but Please do let me know if i say anything that hurt you or may be incorrect/bad/etc and I'll do my best to respond and fix it or delete anything you need!

weird funny people I kin

i dont take kinning as seriously as i once did, i dont follow doubles but i dont get all wild about it. i dont talk about them much outside of indexter and hack king but! i basically kin nerd blobs

Lets be real, im these geeks!

1. Indexter (yokai watch 3)
2. Hack King (yokai watch 3)


1. jeff andonuts (earthbound)
2. clemont (pokemon)
3. cherrim (pokemon)
4. lickilicky (pokemon)
7. tuxedo sam (sanrio)
9. Debatchi (Tamagotchi)
10. graham (animal crossing)

Comfort characters

  1. Gordie (pokemon SWSh)

  2. Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney)

  3. Neenetchi (Tamagotchi)

  4. Bob Zanotto (Psychonauts)

  5. Helmut Fullbear (Psychonauts)

  6. literally everything listed above here lol

extra stuff!!

been on testosterone since 6/20/15 ♥got top surgery on 2/14/18 ♥

I do not follow back 16y/os or younger

I am anti-fujoshi, the fetishizing of gay men isn't tolerated here, i also don't do ace discourse

also i love my boyfriend who is S41tySn4ck on twitter!!! i love him hes my soft teddy bear cutie pie!! i talk about him lots!!! I'm monogamous as fuck by the way so no flirting if you're not nash


depictions of animal harm (footage, descriptions of animal abuse, photographs, anything like that)actual gore or like hyperrealistic fake gorehomestuckFriday Night Funkin' (FNF)loud stuffR word itself(i just block if i see it tbh) or like please avoid insinuating you think I"m dumb for whatever reasonthis one is weird but rotten food picscatch all if you dont know what to tag is “uwedontlook” so thats fine for any of these peas and thank you. have a nice day!